About Julie Burkey

Julie helps her clients take the fear out of finances. She translates the language of finance into understandable terms, takes the fear out of financial matters, and empowers her clients to confidently discuss and make informed financial decisions, and take action.

Having been an entrepreneur and President of a highly successful $45m commercial risk management organization, Julie knows what skills and attributes are needed to create a cohesive workplace with all team members having the same vision and goal. She knows when an individual is empowered and respected that great things happen!

Julie also personally made the decision with her business partner to perpetuate their company and then to step away when the time was right. Being faced with a career transition, a new level of self-awareness and a sense of purpose had to be envisioned and then created. That’s when Julie realized she wanted to empower others to be their best and make every moment of life count with personal satisfaction and purpose.

She’s been there. She’s been a leader within an organization. She’s had a career change after many years of leading her own employees. She’s been through the questioning of whether a decision was right and its outcome positive.

Julie understands where you are now at this time and place, and is excited to help you create whatever vision you are seeking for yourself and/or your organization.

Graduates of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching iPEC have had the most intense and robust training than any other coaching program with live training workshops and almost a year of training and mentoring.

Financial Consultation

What would be different if you felt more confident about your finances and had a plan for taking control?

Schedule a 20 minute consultation call to discuss what lies beyond the fear and what's possible when you have a plan.

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