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Julie helps fill the gap and reduce the burden on healthcare teams by providing supportive care for those affected by a cancer diagnosis.

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Do you wish you and your oncology care team had more time to…

  • Listen to and support patients with resources to address the emotional impact of cancer
  • Address cancer-related fear, stress, and anxiety
  • Teach patients to communicate with their healthcare team more clearly, more frequently, and with more specific data so you can provide targeted solutions to the challenges of treatment side effects
  • Address the needs and concerns of caregivers
  • Discuss financial worries and some potential tools and strategies
  • Empower patients to take the lead in their care

For those of us who have experienced your care because of a cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one, we know you are doing your best even when it feels like it’s not enough.

Like you, patients and caregivers have also been hit hard.
More than ever before, they are struggling with:

  • Fear, stress, and anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Financial toxicity
  • Personal and work relationships
  • Feeling uncomfortable asking for and receiving help from others
  • Knowing how to communicate effectively with healthcare providers and advocate for themselves
Cancer Patients and Caregivers Programs

The Challenge

  • Over 90% of survivors report emotional, physical, and/or practical concerns post-treatment
  • Less than 50% seek help
  • Less than 25% receive care

–  LiveStrong’s Essential Elements of Survivorship Care

Julie Burkey Cancer Coach

This is why more healthcare organizations are reaching out to Julie Burkey, a certified professional coach specializing in emotional support programs for cancer survivors and caregivers.

Julie helps fill this gap and reduce the burden on the healthcare system, healthcare teams, and those needing supportive care as a result of their cancer diagnosis.

To address this gap, Julie Burkey Coaching has developed and launched programs and workshops for cancer survivors and caregivers to help them:


  • Assess their stress and the factors that contribute to elevated levels
  • Learn action plans and strategies to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing
  • Acquire new communication skills to improve personal and professional relationships as well as understanding how to better communicate with healthcare teams
  • Become a better self-advocate and take an active role in treatment planning
  • Gain knowledge and skills and learn about resources to help reduce the financial toxicity that many patients and caregivers struggle with due to the ever-increasing cost of care

As medical experts, you have what it takes to guide patients through the process of diagnosis, developing and implementing a treatment plan, and managing side effects.

But there are so many other parts of a patient’s life impacted by the monumental changes that come with a cancer diagnosis.


Cancer Survivorship Support Programs

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You don’t have to do it all alone…

Contact me to learn how I can help you, your team, and your organization.

Julie is also available as an expert speaker for local, regional, and national cancer non-profit organizations.

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